Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kyung Hee Elementary Day 16

May 1, 2012 (Tuesday)

      Today I taught my first 5th grade class about landscape! They seem to enjoy drawing from observation, and the beautiful weather we have been having. I'm glad that it is getting warmer because the last couple of weeks have been kind of cold. The weather is similar to Kentucky where one day it might be warm and the next cold. I think the rainy season is beginning too because it has been raining off and on.


       After my classes today, I went to Professor Ahn's University, Kookmin University, for my speech. We first discussed the PowerPoint so that she could translate it while I spoke. Before the speech Professor Ahn showed me around her university. Many of the students were setting up for their own gallery show. They are a very talented group of students! Sadly for Professor Ahn, her students had very little studio space, but hopefully in the future the school will allow them more. We had Bolgolgi for dinner, which is Korean beef, and then rushed back. We ended up arriving a few minutes late for class. My speech ended up lasting about an hour and a half with stops for Professor translation. Over all it went pretty well.
       I talked about the Art Methods courses at Western Kentucky University. This included the KTIP lesson plan template, the curriculum map we are required to write in Art Methods III, and our teaching experiences in the public schools. We also discussed the Super Saturday day classes and how it helps prepare new teachers how to set up and manage a small classroom. 

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