Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Day at Kyung Hee Elementary School

May 8, 2012 Monday

So today was my last day at Kyung Hee Elementary School. I did not stay in the art room today but I decided to help in the English Department! I helped the Head of the English department, Ms. Joy. She had me read, and talk with the students. They were wonderful, and I would love to teach English in Korea someday. For the last class of the day I was interviewed by the advanced English speaking students for the school news paper. I can't wait to see that news paper in a year! 

It was really sad to leave Kyung Hee Elementary School. It was a very emotional event. I will miss the school and it's students very much.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


May 6, 2012 Saturday

Today I met with the ceramics teacher in Insodong! Insodong is a popular art street by Agkung Station. For anyone wanting to visit South Korea it is well worth it! Take Exit 6 when leaving the station and walk straight, you'll see an information booth and then turn left! Lots of good food. Ask the information booth about popular food. This street is well known for its street food or so I was told.

She brought me by her Gallery show in a tea shop. There were many beautiful bowls. I saw a lot of traditional Korean Celadon and traditional Japanese Shino glazes. We sat in a corner and watched many people come in and look at the pottery.

May 7, 2012

Today I went to the church in Yongson. After church we headed over to the military base for dinner. It was really good to see everyone from last week again. I would like to come back here and revisit the church someday. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kyung Hee Elementary Day 19

May 5, 2012 (Friday)

Today was Children's day and all classes were canceled for all day events! Parents gathered to watch their children participate. At 9 am all of the students gathered in front of the school to stretch to dance music to prepare for all the sports activities. They also did Taekwondo as a stretch, it was really great to watch the whole school participate in a traditional martial art. 

I was able to film a couple of the events,  but then I had to see Ms. Lee at 9:30 to set up my students work in the hallway of the main building. It took about an hour to pin everything to the wall and I am satisfied with the way it turned out. I showed Ms. Lee all of my lesson ideas and she particularly liked my Kandinsky color painting lesson. I think that the 6th grade classes did very well! I hope the principal likes the lesson and gallery;  he likes traditional art, and does not particularly enjoy abstract art. Sagiri came from home to see the school events and seemed to really enjoy it. She was looking for Ubin. 

After setting up the gallery, I had to race to the face painting event to help out! The English department had been asking me for several weeks to help with the event. It was a lot of fun! I had never done it before. Many children lined up and we continued to paint faces when the time was up. Eventually one of the other teachers just removed the paint so that students would leave. They were let out early because of the holiday. 

Ms. Lee (Art Teacher) and Ms. Lee (Music Teacher) had invited me to lunch the day before, so we headed out to a department store that had a few really delicious restaurants. We ended up having Japanese food, and then going to eat a traditional Korean dessert called Patbingsu. Patbingsu is a dessert that is made up of shaved ice, red beans (sweet), and fruit. It is usually shared by a group of people eating out of one bowl. Korean's generally share food from several dishes instead of each person having their own dish. 

We parted ways after eating dessert and I went shopping! I headed over to Wangshimni to the E-Mart that I am familiar with from my last trip at Hanyang University. E-Mart is similar to the American Walmart; although, I think that it is better. I bought some parting gifts for my host family and a card for the principal. It is amazing how difficult it is to find a card that says thank you when you can't read the language. After several minutes I did find one that said it in English.  I also went to the international food section and found some of the ingredients I use at home to make spaghetti.  Sagiri was very happy when I brought the food home and cooked it for dinner! They said that they enjoyed the meal, but since I know I'm not the greatest cook, they may have just been nice to me. :) Still she seemed happy not to be cooking that evening. Overall, it was a wonderful day! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kyung Hee Elementary Day 18

May 4, 2012 (Thursday)

Tomorrow is Childrens day! I am really excited and so is the whole school! Children's day is a special day in which children have sports and many different events at their school! Both Japan and South Korea celebrate this day, I'm not sure if any other Asian countries celebrate it too. I will be at the face painting event helping the English department. 

I continued to teach about the landscaping painting today. It was my last day to teach at Kyung Hee Elementary! I am so sad! All of the kids were sad this week when I said that I was leaving. But who knows? I might be here again next year with a job, so I might see them again!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kyung Hee Elementary Day 17

May 3, 2012 (Wednesday)

I left school after my last class of the day to go to Hanyang University to lecture for Professor Ahn's work. I left early this time to see Dr. Fungs work in the Hanyang Museum. Unfortunately, when I arrived they had just packed up all of her work and I was disappointed. Last semester at Hanyang I had taken her Ceramics course. Even with this set-back Professor So-Young and myself went to dinner and had a great time. So-Young introduced me to some traditional Korean food that I can't pronounce or write. Korean food has a tendency of being spicy. Kimchi is served at every meal and I have grown very fond of it. I wish I could make it at home. The students had many questions about the Gifted Studies program, KTIP lesson plans, Core Content, and Kentucky State Standards. It was basically the same speech I had given at Koomin University.

Kyung Hee Elementary Day 16

May 1, 2012 (Tuesday)

      Today I taught my first 5th grade class about landscape! They seem to enjoy drawing from observation, and the beautiful weather we have been having. I'm glad that it is getting warmer because the last couple of weeks have been kind of cold. The weather is similar to Kentucky where one day it might be warm and the next cold. I think the rainy season is beginning too because it has been raining off and on.


       After my classes today, I went to Professor Ahn's University, Kookmin University, for my speech. We first discussed the PowerPoint so that she could translate it while I spoke. Before the speech Professor Ahn showed me around her university. Many of the students were setting up for their own gallery show. They are a very talented group of students! Sadly for Professor Ahn, her students had very little studio space, but hopefully in the future the school will allow them more. We had Bolgolgi for dinner, which is Korean beef, and then rushed back. We ended up arriving a few minutes late for class. My speech ended up lasting about an hour and a half with stops for Professor translation. Over all it went pretty well.
       I talked about the Art Methods courses at Western Kentucky University. This included the KTIP lesson plan template, the curriculum map we are required to write in Art Methods III, and our teaching experiences in the public schools. We also discussed the Super Saturday day classes and how it helps prepare new teachers how to set up and manage a small classroom. 

Kyung Hee Elementary School Day 15

April 30, 2012 (Monday)

      Today I taught 4th and 6th grade landscape painting. This week I will be teaching all of the classes! Hopefully it will go well! The 6th grade classes are also finishing their Kandinsky project.